Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Garnier Olia

I've been my dyeing my hair on a regular basis for the last 10 years now. From the age of around 20 I started to notice grey hairs coming through eeekk and now I would say about half my hair grows through as grey. It doesn't help that my hair is naturally dark brown so they stand out!
I don't want to "embrace the grey" just yet so dyeing it is a necessity. I've always struggled to find a hair dye that actually covers the grey fully though. So many of them claim to 100% cover grey but for me they rarely do. I then decided to have it coloured professionally instead which DID cover the grey, however my hair grows super fast so within a few weeks I could see them again, making it a costly affair!
Recently I decided to revert back to trying different dyeing products and I came across a Garnier one. It is the Olia Garnier brand and I used the Deep Cherry shade. I found it easy to apply and miracle of miracles it covered my grey!!!! Yes! My hair felt softer after as well compared to hair dyes I've tried in the past. This particular shade looks great on dark brown hair and it doesn't look unnatural. 
There's a cool colour selector too on the website: Garnier


Its £7.00 and is on 3 for 2 in Tesco at the moment if you wanted to stock up! 
Has anyone else tried this brand? Any recommendations for other grey coverage products?
Thanks For Reading!!
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