Sunday 29 December 2013

Kate Spade Purse!!!

I have to say that until June this year I hadn't actually heard of Kate Spade..shocking I had I functioned beforehand?! I was in The Westfield Mall London with missbudgetbeauty and lauralovesbeauty when Khila made us go in. It was love at first sight, I have to say. I adore the colours....some of them are so bold and bright.
So anyway I looked at the prices and thought eek a bit pricey for me.
Now a few months later it was becoming obvious that my much loved Radley purse was on its last legs....I've had it a  few years..maybe more and it was about time I "invested" in a new one. Should I go for something reasonably priced but what is reasonably priced really...if you want it to last you have to spend a bit surely lol. I then saw someone had put a Kate Spade purse on was so very pretty. Bright pink and I knew that spending that bit more would be worth it. What's a few nights out..I can spend it in with my purse LOL.
So the next time I went to London...I think there are only a couple of Kate Spade shops in England, I couldn't would be rude not to right?! I was going to go for pink and a smaller one but when I saw this, which is close to a tiffany blue colour... made my mind up for me. 
 I've had it about a month now and I've managed to keep it pristine despite it being such a light colour; Although I have to confess that I'm obsessed with keeping it clean lol....holding up queues to put it carefully back into my bag etc!

 The zip actually has a little spade on it which is nice attention to detail and the big black spots inside make it cool and quirky. One negative I would have is that you need to make sure that you remember to close the coin central compartment before you close the purse, as it can then be difficult to open the purse again if this part is open.
Initially I found it quite difficult to take my cards out of it as they're close to the edge of the purse but now I'm used to it isn't an issue.
So to summarise this is a fab purse and for me is worth the money. I know I'll make good use of it and its such great quality.
This purse costs £145 and was available in the Covent Garden store in December 13. There isn't a UK website as yet but the very passionate consultant in store mentioned that there will be one possibly from January!!!! Exciting.
BNTB x x 

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  1. Shopping is a real fun. I bought Kate Spade Baguette from tradesy website and found it very reasonable. I like my choice and feel good to carry them with me.


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