Wednesday 30 April 2014

Maybe I should go easy on the wall art now.....

Flower Dandelion wall art eBay Cost: £12.50
I don't know about you but when I decide I want something I can be a little "excessive" with it; And coupled with being someone that doesn't like to wait for pretty much anything I make for a true shopaholic when I have ANY money spare. So here are some of the wall stickers I've recently purchased from eBay.

Marilyn Monroe eBay Cost:£8.71 

 Banksy childhood girl with balloon eBay Cost: £14.99
I have ordered another Banksy one because I love them! Its one of a maid sweeping into the wall...check it out here.
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Sunday 27 April 2014

NOTD. Glitter gelish nexu

I decided to use these two colours together as Andy wanted some more photos for eBay. If you haven't read my other nail post, he is selling gelish nexu and there's a link here to his eBay if you want to take a look. 

After applying and the idea being to go for a "nautical"look I realised they looked a bit spiderman too!! Ha ha. Obviously not wanting to miss an opportunity to jazz them up some more with nail art  I also put lollipops on the red nails and I think they match the colours pretty well. I applied them using acrylic and they say on so well. Much better than nail glue.
Stay tuned for more NOTD....I am a little obsessed!! 

Thursday 24 April 2014

Ordering different sizes online and miraculously fitting?! Topshop mini haul

I recently discovered that there was a sale on in topshop and thought I would have a browse online. I'm came across the gorgeous jumpers they were selling around Christmas time..the knitwear ones...and they were in the sale! What was incredibly annoying though is each time I clicked on one they only had two sizes left, both not my size of course....that or I would add to my basket, then go back to said basket and it had been sold!! I think I may have unwittingly looked on the first day of sale and didn't realise that I needed to act fast! I luckily managed to purchase 3 items..all in different sizes and miraculously they all fit. Yay!
Sometimes I think that you can guess on the size just by looking at the material/style of the item. Not only that but its been on trend for quite a while to wear tops a little baggy. Luckily I love that!   

Fluoro Ribbed Vest    £3.00

Drape Sleeveless Top  £5.00
Knitted Fluffy Jumper   £15.00
I'm not really impressed with their website however. When looking on my mobile every time I clicked on an item to view after going back to carry on looking it took me to the top of the page so I had to scroll back down again..which was in some cases 50 + items. Annoying especially when I needed to buy fast ha! 
Any good sales ANYWHERE lol let me know!

Check out my haul below........

Tuesday 22 April 2014

Urban Decay Electric Palette....Neon Continued x

I came across this palette on youtube before it was available in the UK; I think it was a tutorial on how to do neon eyes and I was sold! I haven't got any bright coloured palettes and because I've been going for neon nails it was all too tempting to match.
 Reading reviews of the palette, I was keen to get my hands on it once it came to the UK. Its been available since the 1st April.  

Wow I love the colours!!!!!!! They are so bright. Urban Decay have used pressed pigments to create "heavily saturated brights" and the look is just as dramatic on the eye as it is in the palette. I was a little apprehensive using the yellow (thrash) but blended with freak, savage, jilted and urban looks fab!  How cool are the names too?!
 I must admit when it arrived I didn't know where to begin because I'm so used to using one or two colours but I think its a palette you can really experiment with. There really isn't a right or wrong way of using it. In terms of "staying power" they last all day without needing to reapply, to the point where on removing, I could still see the colour a little the next morning!

This brush comes with the palette and I'm really impressed with it. No excess shadow fell under my eyes and the smaller brush is great for using on the inner and outer edges of the eyes.
How I wore it.....

Check out  how others wore it here.......

Where can you get it?? I purchased mine from Debenhams. Price: £38.00 

Saturday 19 April 2014


It wouldn't be right not to have bunnies on my nails for the Easter period lol. The bunnies are eBay and I got them along with a variety of other 3D art that I mention in another of my blog posts. Again the gel is gelish nexu and my husband is selling these on eBay if anyone would like to take a look here. The bunnies really remind me of a cartoon but I can't think which so if anyone possibly knows what I'm going on about let me's bugging me!

I'm going to being doing a NOTD post each time I do them which will no doubt be a lot judging by my excitement for all things gelish so watch out for the next....
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Thursday 17 April 2014

H&M haul.....!!

 L-R Stretch trousers £12.99, Sleeveless dress £24.99 with Waist belt £7.99 
Firstly I LOVE the fact that you can order products from H&M and have the option of a monthly invoice. If you haven't heard of this, it is, in a nutshell, shopping now and paying later minus the interest. The negative my case that I order more because I'm not paying at the time in which I'm shopping. Not always ideal when you get a buzz from picking lots of pretty things. Cue lots of photos of...pretty things......I have purchased..!

Loving the cropped style trousers. I haven't tried these before and I think they'll be nice as a smart/casual look in the summer. I'm waiting on the dress still as its not due in until May, and I thought I'd wear it for a Spring wedding with some wedges and gold jewellery.

L-R Figure-fit dress  £ has gone back up to £24.99 good timing and Jersey dress £7.99..Bargain!
Lace dress £19.99
I bought this dress for work. Its quite nice that it isn't fitted..comfortable for moving around! And because its lacey round the top it looks nice with a black strappy top underneath. 

Shopping bag £24.99
Love that this is called "shopping bag"! Its definitely a substantially sized bag ..similar to that of a Mary Poppins one lol.
OOTD to follow......
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Sunday 13 April 2014

NOTD....neon look for Easter

I really couldn't decide which of my gels I wanted to use next so I figured why not go for one on each finger?! What a good idea and they go so well with my new urban decay electric palette!......
 And then I just couldn't resist abit of 3D nail art!.....

The bows are a little smaller than the previous white bows I used last time. I think bigger will look better when I've grown my nails a bit!

Gelish Nexu is available on eBay but I have decided to buy in bulk from DHgate, buying initially 10 at £2.70 per bottle. The finish is pretty much exactly the same as the gelish harmony. I have found however that 3 coats of the colour is substantial with the gelish nexu rather than 2 with gelish harmony; To be honest this doesn't really bother me simply because of the price difference to haromony gelish.
Has anyone else used gelish nexu and have an opinion about it?
BNTBlogger x

Thursday 10 April 2014

Half wig? Worth a try!

On Saturday night I went out for lauralovesbeautys birthday and had a fab night. I couldn't decide how to have my hair and with having work all day and going out straight after I wanted something relatively easy. I've heard about half wigs but wasn't sure how they worked and if they looked, well, fake for want of a better word! However I complimented someones hair only to discover it was a half wig. It looked so natural! So I decided to give one a try.....

 With this you keep a small section of your hair forward then using the comb inside the wig, grip into the hair. You can then blend the front section of your hair in with the wig by using grips.  

I was really impressed with this and the colour matched my hair pretty well. It took literally minutes to put in and I then just needed to curl bits of my hair that you could see. Took all of about ten minutes and because the wig isn't real the curls stayed in all day. I had the wig on for about 12 hours in total!

So overall impressed with the half wig look. I'm going to see if I can wear it leaving a side fringe in as I definitely prefer some hair being forward!

Worth a try without a doubt and there is a cord to tighten the wig around your head which also means you can wear it as a ponytail.

This particular wig cost £14.99 and I purchased from Julia Knows Beauty. From what I gather this is a chain so there are other stores as well as the one in Doncaster.
Anyone else seen any good half wigs drop me a line ;)
BNTBlogger x 

Tuesday 8 April 2014

Loving Marilyn Monroe Quotes!

I thought it would be cool to get a wall sticker for my make up room and came across some great Marilyn Monroe quotes in the form of wall stickers. Here are just a select few of them available.... 
This is the one I've gone for. LOVE it!!!!!! I thought it was apt seen as it's in my make up room. It was on eBay and only cost £8.71 to be exact lol including first class postage.
   There are loads on eBay.
I'm thinking of getting one for our living room next. We fancy something funny but not cliché...if anyone has any ideas let me know. Struggling to find one we like at the moment!
BNTBlogger x

Tuesday 1 April 2014

3D Nail Art

I'm really enjoying the trials and tribulations of DIY gel nails..yes it's a very serious affair lol. I'm now trying my hand..oh dear with another 3D nail art. My professional friend has kindly suggested how to apply them and I'm so very excited about creating different looks. In the past I've tried using nail glue but they came off so quickly so, as suggested, I am now using acrylic and its been fab! I've had no problems with them coming off before I've soaked off the gel so far.

Eeeeeekk loving the Tiffany and Co. look. The bows are a little big so I've ordered smaller ones since. However I haven't had any problems with them and if you're going for dramatic they're fab.



I couldn't decide which to try so thought I would go for a good mixture. These were all on eBay...there are so many to choose from!! I have some Chanel ones on the way too. Cannot wait to try the little chocolate bar ones and the lollipops!!
BNTBlogger x
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