Monday 19 May 2014

Take it from an eye liner virgin... they're Real push-up liner benefit!

I've always struggled with anything eye liner related hence the title. I've maybe tried a liquid liner once in the past and I just couldn't get a natural looking line that worked with my eye shape; My upper lid ends slightly lower than, well, my lower lid so I find it difficult to get the flick at the outer edge. Obviously there isn't anything I can do about the shape of my eyes! But, in general, I've found liners difficult to use so, simply, I don't use them. Coupled with the fact that when I've tried I just couldn't do it without it looking wobbly and OTT. So when I heard about this new push-up liner from benefit you can understand why I might be a little sceptical....

The they're Real! Family consists of a mascara, push-up liner and a remover

The benefit sisters have been working on this product for five years, trying to create a liner easy to use for any age.

Whilst at the benefit launch..still feeling sceptical I tried out their newest addition to the they're Real family and wow I was impressed!! fact I think I've been converted.  

The main one being a liner virgin....It's easy to use
It has a AccuFlex tip making it easy to get to the lashline.
The matte black gel formula is waterproof and it doesn't smudge or dry out.
I was able to use it, well, like a felt tip pen, but also achieve a flick without it looking ridiculous!
 I could use it on the lower lid to finish the look.
Two clicks are enough for both eyes
It stayed on allllll day without so much as a wobble!
The remover takes the liner and mascara off with ease

 After trying this product at home I haven't changed my opinion. I've tried it with and without eye shadow and I love the looks you can achieve with it. Might I add that I NEVER normally go without eye shadow. Yes I'm sure there are other fab liners out there but for this liner virgin the benefit push-up liner is a winner! eye shadow ;)
When does it launch? Worldwide on the 27th June at benefitcosmetics
Blog post to follow on the they're Real mascara!
BNTBlogger x

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  1. I really need to get my hands on this it looks fab! Love Benefit!
    Hannah :) x


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