Thursday 15 May 2014

Nail Stickers...Meh

I've never really paid as much attention to my toes as I do my finger nails, but I figured with summer approaching my toe nails are going to be on show a whole lot more so I thought I would try out some nail stickers. I have had minx done before in a salon and was impressed. They stayed on for a couple of months; Minx is basically heating stickers onto your nails.

It can cost around £15 to have minx nails done in a salon. Now as you may know I like to try my hand at DIY if I can achieve the same myself for less. Nail stickers are supposed to work along the same lines so if you find it enjoyable than try it yourself definitely.
These rebel nails start at around £6.00
Clean your nails with nail polish remover, dry them, and then apply the design of your choice.

Select your size either by using the template or the nail, peel, buff and apply.
Finally smooth over the nail and file off the excess.

Heat the nail and peel off the nail wrap covering peeling from one side to the other.

I didn't find them so easy to was difficult making sure there weren't any creases
The template sticker sizes, in the main, didn't fit to my toe nail sizes. The biggest ones weren't big enough for my big toes...I guess I have abnormally large toes!! Still wearable though as it was just one of the edges, however, I would rather my whole toe be covered!
They lasted a few days before they started to scuff so I would recommend wearing them for a special occasion perhaps rather than anything long term. HOWEVER I have been wearing shoes and socks so in the Summer if you're wearing sandals I would've thought they'd last longer
Would I use them again?
No simply because my toes don't fit the template criteria lol but definitely worth a try if yours are smaller. Good for a special occasion but I think I'll pay £15 next time and have someone do my toes and have them last longer!
Anyone like these? Are the finger ones any good?
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