Tuesday 18 March 2014

The Glamoriser Variable Depth Waver

As thoughts on the Glamoriser Variable Depth Waver. I've also linked a video of my first try of the product below.

I blogged recently about contemplating having a perm, but after careful consideration I decided to try out a waver to get the desired effect a perm could potentially give without the extreme cost. Volume more than anything is my aim! I did some research watching youtube videos and reading reviews and decided to go for a waver rather than tongs. As much as I love curls I really wanted waves to get that added summer waves are a must!!

With this particular waver you can choose the depth of the wave, going for loose or tight waves. As you can see from the photo above there is a dial you can turn to decide, and you have the option of four different wave depths. I really couldn't decide which waver to go for of the ones I've seen but having this option sold it to me. I ultimately have the choice of different looks. I've only tried the deepest wave so far but I will be trying the others over the next few weeks!

As well as the choice of different waves you can also decide on the temperature dependant on how fine or thick your hair is to protect it from the heat.
Purchase the Glamoriser Depth Waver here.

Thoughts so far....
Loved the waves and the volume it gave my hair! Strongly recommend if you want volume.
The waves lasted all day provided I used hair spray to hold, and more importantly the volume.
Make sure you don't use the waver all the way to the ends of your hair..that way your hair won't curl out at the ends and look raggy. Trial and error!

I found leaving the front bits of my hair straight looked better than waving as I've done in the video below. If you watch my London OOTD video here you'll see the comparison.
Takes about 15 mins if you have fine shoulder length hair.
The wires quite long if you need it to be ;)

It is quite bulky/heavy to hold. 
I tried sleeping on it and seeing how it was the next day. The volume had totally gone unfortunately and the waves looked abit raggy.

Glitzy bag to store them in!! Always good.

Thanks for reading..watching!!
BNTBlogger x x


  1. This looks really amazing!! its really given your hair so much volume looks great xx

    1. Thanks! I tried the tightest waves yesterday and it held overnight yay! Just had to use the waver for a few strays!! x x


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