Thursday, 6 March 2014

Kardazzle face palettes

I'm a big fan of sparkle and glitter on the eyes. Always have been. I used to buy a lot of the Barry M glitter pots. The more glitter the better ha ha! I have toned it down a bit lately though. I don't know if that's an age thing or not! So I'm using matt as well as glitter/shimmer shadows. The Khroma beauty face palettes definitely give a nice variety of "looks". There are 3 different ones from the Kardashians. I have two of them....

Kim's Kardazzle

Kourtney's Kardazzle

I have the Kourtney and Kim palettes. I'm particularly loving the Kim's Kardazzle. It can give a really nice "sultry" look, as Lauralovesbeauty said. I haven't tried all the combinations in the palette but I'm thinking I'm going to like them all!

I'm probably going to use the Kourtney one more when I'm tanning and in the summer for a more sun kissed look.

They also come with blushers/highlighters and are a nice size for travel.
I found them on for £14.95
Kim's kardazzle glitter/shimmer look.

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  1. These look like such a good investment, im particularly interested in trying Kourtneys palette as like you said the colours will be good for a summer sunkissed look. Who am I kidding though, I want all three!


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