Thursday, 6 March 2014

Quirky dog things!

Given that we have 3 dogs it's only natural that we are the receivers of dog related Christmas/Birthday presents! Mainly of the Scottie variety, it would seem that they are the most popular out doubt Radley have played a part in that! I don't see as many cavalier and poodle bits but if anyone else has please let me know in the comments!
I occasionally put some of them on Instagram and have been asked where they're from, so here are a few you might be interested in......


This is available on Ebay for £5.99 excluding postage.
We keep their chews in it. They get so excited when this tin is opened!

Browsing online the cheapest I found this for is £12.95 excluding postage. Link here.

Love these!! So cute. I've put them in our kitchen. I have really struggled to find these online! They occasionally pop up on Ebay and it's worth having a look in Matalan too. They tend to stock Scottie kitchen items.

Cute dog bowls! So many different ones available online.

Looking a bit worn from all the wiping of the paws! We got this from Tesco. Unfortunately it isn't available at the moment or on Amazon but there are so many funny ones on the web. Lots to choose from if you have a browse.
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