Thursday 8 August 2013

Tiffany blue themed wedding!!

Yes it has been a looooonnngggg time since I last blogged but I'm now entering the Internet world.....not kicking and screaming.....might I add lol so bare with me if I babble ha ha.

I'm getting married in October....not long to go!! And as titled I'm having a tiffany blue themed wedding. I absolutely LOVE the colour and the tiffany and co look. I however found it so hard at first to find products to suit my theme that weren't expensive; As well as trying to find exactly the right colour. I think, at first i was fixated on getting the colour exactly right but I have come to realise however that variations of the colour palette look great together and you can get very creative without spending a fortune! Ill add some pics on here and keep you updated on my progress! 

Below are some sweet table ideas!! Any comments/ideas are welcome x

Spatula ideas x

These were so easy to do! I bought the diamante hearts, bows and ribbon on ebay. The ribbon is wrapped round the handle and secured with glue, it can also be threaded through the diamante heart. The white bows are simply glued to the ribbon. 

Not sure about these colours? I'm thinking of possibly using ostrich feathers as well. The bottles are chenet wine bottles....the ones with the signature curve! Labels are peeled off then spray painted.

If anyone is doing anything different I'd love to hear.

Thanks x

BNTBlogger x x x

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