Tuesday 7 January 2014

My attempts to volumize my thin hair!

I have such fine hair and I'm forever on the look out for products to give it a bit of volume. I, at times, will attempt to backcomb my hair to give it some volume before a night out but it can be a pain to do and I worry that I may be damaging my already thin hair.  
The below is a photo of my hair after my usual blow drying routine.
I recently came across a product by Umberto Giannini and I have to say I was very impressed. It claims to give volume and "sexy texture" without damaging your hair with backcombing. I'm always sceptical that such products work but I'm open to try anything! 
Its really easy to use. Simply spray 6inches to where you want the backcomb effect and then jujj hair into shape. After doing this through my hair it felt thicker and more textured and it only took a few minutes to do. It could also be used for up dos and does the job without damaging your hair back combing.
Any comments or recommendations on what works for you are welcome!
You can purchase this from Boots for £5.61
BNTB x x


  1. Has your hair always been thin? I could imagine how frustrating that could be, as your hairstyle would be limited to a few choice styles. To add volume, I suggest you not use hair blowers and don’t comb your hair wet – just leave it to dry itself after toweling and use your hand to straighten the strands.
    -- Dr. Sara Salas


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