Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Naked Palette 3!!!!!!

The Naked Palette 3!!
Urban Decay
So I'm a little behind with this..I know its been out a while now. I have to say I'm really liking the third palette. I LOVE shimmery eye shadows and there's definitely enough shimmer in here. There are twelve rose-hued eye shadows in this palette, and a good mixture of shimmer and matte. 
The packaging is great for travel, clasps tightly and in my opinion looks good.

Unlike the naked palette 1 and 2 this one has 12 pink toned eye shadows, instead of the warm toned neutrals in the first two.

I especially LOVE the shimmery ones...a sucker for the shimmer!!

The eye shadows are to a high quality and you will definitely be able to make a variety of looks with them. I particularly love the look of Buzz and Dust together.
BNTB x x


  1. Love my Naked palettes- to look at! Lol I'm so lazy with eye shadow must use them this year especially 3!


  2. Hi Caz yes i love my palette too i really like this one maybe the best it's between this and no1 anyway,i love the colour nooner in my crease and love that name for a shaddow too it's weird,i love shimmery ones most though too xx♥xx


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