Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Initial thoughts on DIY gel nails


I've always paid to have my nails done professionally either with gel or acrylics, probably paying around £20 every 3 weeks. So recently I decided to invest in some products that I think in the long term will save money....but also gives me an excuse to shop!!
I decided to try gel products rather than acrylics to protect my nails and essentially allow them to grow. I do tend to pick my nails and gel stops me from doing that.

SensatioNail, from what I've read, is a well established brand so I decided to try one of their starter kits.  Deluxe Pink Chiffon SensatioNail Starter Kit was £105 before Christmas but it is now £70 on the official website. In the set you have everything you need to get you started! However you do need to purchase separately a product to soak off the gel.

My thoughts so far......

I'm so used to nail varnish, the first time I applied the gel I put it on too thick and it chipped within a couple of days. Each layer needs to be applied thinly; initially I thought this would effect the impact of the colour but as long as you apply one coat, cure, then apply another coat of the colour it won't. Also make sure you seal the free edge as again I didn't and they chipped. Its all trial and error. I have watched many youtube tutorials and I'm getting the hang of it!
Its great if you enjoy doing your own and experimenting! I've spent around £100 on gel products, equivalent to five trips to a salon so it really is worth it.
I've also ordered some Harmony Gelish products which I'll blog about when they arrive!!

Allure magnetic gel polish from SensatioNail
Any recommendations or comments are welcome!!! 
BNTB x x

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