Wednesday 8 January 2014

Got to love Ikea!


When I mentioned to Khila...miss budget beauty that I was in need of a...I can't decide on the name..dressing room? Make up room? Well anyway she took on the challenge without my needing to ask! Ha. Having been to Ikea on a Sunday morning, she was at mine and had made over my spare room by 1pm! The photo opposite shows the table and stool Khila purchased from Ikea. I also love having my wedding dress on show. It was just laying around without a home!
The opposite photo is classed as a candle holder on the Ikea website but can easily be used as a holder for make up supplies. Khila put coffee beans in them and brushes can then quite easily stand if you love coffee like I do you have that lovely aroma in your room. These are just £1.25 each from Ikea. I have others that I use to store nail files etc in, they look really pretty!!

Having an organised room now I couldn't resist taking a visit to Ikea and purchasing a couple of the white storage cubes. You can get different sized ones. This one is a four cube storage unit and it was £40. You can have doors put on them but I prefer without. They're great for storage and the top surface looks great with decoration or perfumes.
All the bits in the cube opposite are from Ikea. The white decorations are both classed as candle holders. The top one named SKURAR is £6 and the other named ROTERA is £2.
You can also purchase the storage baskets. I've put hair products in one and handbags in the other.

All my nail products arranged in one of the cubes opposite....check me out with the organisation!!

BNTB x x


  1. Your room looks so lovely now :-) I have a similar room that is my makeup/getting ready/girlcave room that I need to get sorted so I am taking inspiration from this!

  2. Thank you! Its nice going in there now and getting ready..I don't think I would have ever got round to it!


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