Tuesday 6 May 2014

Just another excuse to spend money on eBay......

As usual, when one product will do the job I have to order two because, well, why not when you're a shopaholic. My thoughts are that it's all about the alternating between the two phone cases....if I'm in a bling mood..whatever that is...I'll go for the bling case and if I'm in a cool mood...again no idea...I have the, well, the cooler case right?! I seriously believe my own hype. Roughly translated I couldn't decide which of the many on eBay to buy so I figured I'd go for here they are....

"Bling" case from said eBay Price: £3.99
It pretty much does what it says on the tin....glitzy and over the top and I have to say I LOVE it! The downside being that it might damage easily if it's not looked after seen as it doesn't have any sort of protection on the glitz; However if you're like me and a little obsessed with keeping things "nice" then you'll be just fine.

"Cool" case eBay Price: £3.99
I stumbled across this looking for other phone cases. I knew about the jumpers etc with this on but didn't know you could get other accessories. There's also mugs on eBay. The font reminds me of the Pretty Woman credits at the beginning of the know what I mean?!
Check them out on my video below.
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