Saturday 10 May 2014

Brunette to Blonde Phase 1......

As you may already know I suddenly decided recently that I'd like to try being blonde. The majority of my hair is grey now and I'm having to dye it every 6-8 weeks due to the grey being so obvious as soon as there is any growth. Little did I realise that red is the worst colour to dye your hair when it is going grey! I've been against going blonde in the past mainly because of the maintenance but now I'm pretty much grey going lighter should make the grey less obvious when I have regrowth and I should just be able to have my roots done every 8 weeks. Not only that but I'm keen to see how dark blonde with highlights will look on me!
So here is phase 1 of my transformation!.........
Step 1 Consultation
Firstly I have a consultation with my colour specialist. She explains to me that I won't get the look I'm aiming for straight away because it will damage my hair if everything is done in one visit. The silly impatient part of me thought there may be a "glimmer" of a chance that I could achieve it in one go but there you go..silly and impatient. She reassures me she won't let me leave with orange hair phew! but it will be closer to a warm brown with caramel highlights.
Step 2 Stripping the hair
My hair is stripped to remove the unnatural colours from my hair.  Something I found out, might I add, is that the boxed dyes I've been using are harder to strip from your hair because they contain more chemicals than salon professional colours and are really damaging. I think from now on I will always visit a salon for any colour changes.
Time span of stripping the hair will depend really on your hair. In my case it took about an hour and she needed to put six lots on..whatever that means! 
The above shows the colour of my hair after stripping.
Step 3 Highlights
Highlights are put throughout my hair using foils and I'm left to read some mags and have my second Costa kindly bought for me by Khila who is more excited than me to see the end result!

Step 4 Full head colour
Whilst the foils are in a colour is put on the rest of my hair and then left to develop.
Step 5 Toner
When the foils are removed a toner is then used to help "tone" down any "yellowy" areas of the highlights.
Step 6 Cut and Style
The whole process took about 3 hours which I was pleasantly surprised by. I really thought it would take longer. Super impressed.
Salon Recommendations
I'm told to use conditioning shampoos and a hair mask weekly to keep my hair healthy and prevent damage from the highlights, especially as I'm going to have my hair coloured/highlighted on a regular basis.
Thoughts so far......

I actually love this "interim" phase. The colour's warm and doesn't look unnatural and if I don't like being blonde in the next phase, I'll definitely go back to it being like this rather than to dark again. As it stands I don't have any regrets and my hair feels great. Doesn't feel at all damaged. Not only that I think it has warmed my face up if that makes sense and doesn't look unnatural with my dark brows. Overall so far I'm very impressed!

Stay tuned for the next phase in my #brunettetoblonde escapades. Potentially 7 weeks time..if I can wait that long! Has anyone else had good/bad experiences of dramatic colour change?
BNTBlogger x

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  1. I think your hair looks lovely this colour xxx


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