Thursday 27 February 2014

Chanel Darling.....?

My initials used to be CD before I was married which of course meant that it would be wrong of me not to buy Christian Dior products! My initials on the products..they're practically mine right?!
And now that I'm married my initials are CC...seriously this stuff writes its self LOL.
I have to say though that I haven't treated myself to Chanel products for quite a while. In the past I've tried some of the skincare products and eye shadows and I wasn't a big fan of them for the price. I have, however always loved the lipsticks and perfumes.
 I was lucky enough to be gifted with Chanel products seen as my initials have changed... Yay!!!!! Hopefully this will happen for every birthday and Christmas....??
For my wedding day Andy bought me Coco Mademoiselle Chanel. I've mentioned it in one of my videos you can view here. LOVE it! Perfect wedding perfume, great for day and night. I did need to re spray during the day but that didn't really bother me.

I love the bottle. Its so much nicer than the white top one. More expensive but worth it in my opinion.
For my 30th and Christmas I was luckily enough to get a couple of the Rough Coco Shine lipsticks and one of the lip glosses.

From left to right:

 I find the Rouge Coco Shine Lipsticks hydrating and they just glide on. They have a shimmer to them too which I like. I'm all for hydrating lipsticks, I don't really like the feel of matt lipsticks. I find them hard to apply and cling to any dry bits on my lips.
One negative for the Rouge Coco Shines would be that they don't last very long and I'm reapplying during the day.
I'm a big fan of lip glosses and the Daydream doesn't disappoint. It's just as sparkly on the lips as it is to look at the product. Again I do need to reapply during the day but I think you probably get that with most lip glosses.  
Can anyone recommend any good hydrating lipsticks?
Thanks for reading!
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Thursday 20 February 2014


I've tried a few different eyebrow products in recent times...previously I didn't use anything. I simply plucked them but since going to a Benefit counter and having 'brow mapping' done I realised just how much it can frame your face. If your not familiar with brow mapping check it out here
I have used brow zings by Benefit, however I found it a little light for my eyebrows...mine are black so I thought I would do a bit of research. I came across a blog post about Shiseido products namely for eyebrows, and how their eyebrow pencils give a natural look.
I was concerned that a black eyebrow pencil might be too harsh but based on reviews of this pencil I thought I would give this a try rather than going for a dark brown.
As you can see one end is a brush for shaping the brows........
Shiseido Natural Eyebrow Pencil £19.50 from
And the other is the pencil...obviously ;) I'm super impressed with it. Its easy to use, definitely gives a natural look whilst defining my brows. It doesn't have the wax like the brow zings but I haven't found it difficult to shape them without it.

I mentioned it briefly in one of my videos. Check it out here.
Can anyone recommend any good eyebrow products for black eyebrows?
Comments welcome as always.
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I'm stuck in a hair rut at the moment. Its shoulder length and fine and is looking a bit limp. I would love to have it just a bit thicker so that, by maybe simply blow drying it might be slightly wavy. But hey I don't know the drawbacks of having thick hair either so this might not be the case.
I really like my hair curled but its such a pain to do that every morning before work. I don't mind doing it for a night out but by the time we've walked the dogs in the morning and spent a bit of time with them there isn't much time to curl and style my hair.
Then I remembered that I once had a perm lol. How could I forget, and it wasn't even that long ago! Well four years. I went for a loose wavy perm and I really liked it. It thickened my hair and it didn't take much to maintain from what I remember. Great for summer too....that kind of beachy look! 
I have read that perming can damage your hair if you colour or highlight it regularly and apparently it works better on thicker hair too, so something to consider if your thinking of having one. This should put me off seen as I colour my hair but with it working so well last time I'd like to try it again.
My dilemma isn't about whether to actually have a perm. Its more where to go and which treatment to go for. I can't go back to the same person unfortunately and I don't know what they used. I'm going to go for a consultation in the next couple of weeks. I just don't want to pay loads and end up with something that doesn't take and or ruins my hair.

LOVE this. My hair obviously isn't thick enough to 'achieve' this look but I definitely like the wave. I definitely don't want to end up with a 80s do lol or to look like my poodle Lola!!

If anyone has any good advice I'd love to hear it.  
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Tuesday 11 February 2014

Beauty Box....Decisions!

I shockingly hadn't heard of beauty box subscriptions until a couple of months ago. How?? I ask you?! Random beauty products sent to you each exciting! Its practically a present each month. So I decided that I have to get in on this especially seen as I've joined the blogging
 and youtube community!
After reading some reviews the most popular ones at the moment seem to be:
This subscription is $10 per month and has free shipping.
I really liked the look of the Ipsy beauty box or bag should I say. There's a cool quiz to take so you receive products to suit your personal needs/tastes. I particularly like that you can choose brands that you like, and brands you'd like to try. The bags really cute too that you receive your products in. You could use it for makeup or travel products. Unfortunately after registering I then realised you need to live in America to subscribe. Gutted!! 
So onto the next one.... 
Love Me Beauty
This is an example of one of the 'menus' you can choose from at the moment. It is £12.95 monthly including postage.
So with this subscription you can choose from 3 different menus and will receive a mystery product as well. Ohhh! This is great if you'd like to have some element of control in terms of what you will receive. You can also choose a mystery box if you'd like a surprise. I am very tempted to subscribe to this one and try the mystery box. I LOVE suprises!
The BIRCHBOX costs £12.95 monthly including postage too.
This is the one I've decided to try out first. When missbudgetbeauty received her January Birchbox I really liked the variety of products and brands. You can also browse the potential products you will be receiving on the Birchbox website. So I think I will no doubt subscribe to the Love Me Beauty mystery box too so I have the best of both.
Check out my unveiling of the January Birchbox here....I know the February one is out soon but I didn't decide on a subscription until the end of January!
Anyone subscribed to any of these?
What do you think?
I would love to hear if there are any other good ones I should subscribe to that deliver to the UK.
Thanks for reading!
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*Primark Bargains*

I went to Primark last week...the beginning of February and couldn't resist having a look through the sale section...yes there was a sale on in Primark. Brilliant!
Missbudgetbeauty and lauralovesbeauty picked out these dresses and I had to try too. To be honest on the hanger I wasn't keen but hey ho its always worth trying on!
I loved them on other than being difficult to get off because the material doesn't have any give.
 These two were just £3.00 each!! Absolute bargain. I think you can easily dress them up or down. I've worn them out for meals and also when shopping.

I LOVE the prints. So pretty and great for summer too..if we ever have one!!

I purchased them from MeadowHall in Sheffield. They may well still have them in in other branches.
Thanks for reading!
Anyone else bought any bargain items??
BNTBlogger x x

Thursday 6 February 2014

This Months Favourite Mac Products

I love trying out different beauty brands, particularly makeup....any excuse to shop! And I thought I would share with you my favourite Mac products.
Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation costs £25 on the Mac website.

As you can see from the pic I'm close to needing another one of these! This is my all time favourite foundation...a big call I know!
It gives great coverage
It's easy to apply..just glides on
Gives a natural finish
Doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy or looking shiny
Its hydrating which is fab for my combination skin type

The Mac Lipstick New York Apple costs £15. Unfortunately it is out of stock on their website but you can ask for a notification e-mail once its back in stock.
I'm sure you've heard me go on about this Mac lipstick on missbudgetbeautys channel. Of course it has to be one of my favourite Mac products.
It gives a great pop of colour without being OTT
Smells gorgeous! Seriously I could smell it allll day
It doesn't dry out my lips like some lipsticks do
 It gives a shimmer finish and I'm all about the shimmer!  

 Moi lol.

Thanks for reading!
Can anyone recommend any other good foundations for combination skin?
Comments warmly welcomed as always!
BNTBlogger x x

Tuesday 4 February 2014

DIY Gel Nails Continued....

Following on from my last blog post about gel nails I've now tried some of the Harmony Gelish products too! I was so excited when they arrived. I'm a bit obsessed with experimenting with my nails now!
I purchased a Gelish Harmony Starter Kit and a colour on eBay from two different sellers.
The starter kit consists of:
x2 foundation gels
x1 ph bond
x1 top it off gel
x1 cleanser
x1 remover

As I said in my other post I already have a LED light for curing the gel and lint free wipes for cleaning my nails.
Thoughts so far....!!
I'm not a professional as I've said before, so from an amateurs point of view I found the products really easy to apply AND looked exactly the same as when I've had them done professionally. Yay!! I made sure I applied very thin coats and sealed the free edge of my nails so as not to chip.
I used the LED lamp I have already that isn't Gelish and this worked fine for curing the gel.
The negative?...There's only one! I've had them on nearly a week now and the gel on one of my nails has lifted; However I think it's because I got some of the gel on my skin and didn't remove it fully before curing, so be careful to do that. To be honest though this didn't bother me too much because, as I have the products at home already I can just reapply. Its so frustrating when it happens and you have to go back to a salon!!
The colour is called Shake It Til You Samba.
LOVE that name!
As you can see from the pic the colour is so very bright...I think I'm officially ready for Summer now?!
You can watch a video on my channel here about my thoughts on both Sensationail and Harmony Gelish so far....
I obviously haven't needed to remove them yet but when I do I'll blog to let you know how it goes and if they're easy to remove!!
Thanks for reading!
Comments welcome.
BNTBlogger x x

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