Thursday, 6 February 2014

This Months Favourite Mac Products

I love trying out different beauty brands, particularly makeup....any excuse to shop! And I thought I would share with you my favourite Mac products.
Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation costs £25 on the Mac website.

As you can see from the pic I'm close to needing another one of these! This is my all time favourite foundation...a big call I know!
It gives great coverage
It's easy to apply..just glides on
Gives a natural finish
Doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy or looking shiny
Its hydrating which is fab for my combination skin type

The Mac Lipstick New York Apple costs £15. Unfortunately it is out of stock on their website but you can ask for a notification e-mail once its back in stock.
I'm sure you've heard me go on about this Mac lipstick on missbudgetbeautys channel. Of course it has to be one of my favourite Mac products.
It gives a great pop of colour without being OTT
Smells gorgeous! Seriously I could smell it allll day
It doesn't dry out my lips like some lipsticks do
 It gives a shimmer finish and I'm all about the shimmer!  

 Moi lol.

Thanks for reading!
Can anyone recommend any other good foundations for combination skin?
Comments warmly welcomed as always!
BNTBlogger x x

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