Thursday, 27 February 2014

Chanel Darling.....?

My initials used to be CD before I was married which of course meant that it would be wrong of me not to buy Christian Dior products! My initials on the products..they're practically mine right?!
And now that I'm married my initials are CC...seriously this stuff writes its self LOL.
I have to say though that I haven't treated myself to Chanel products for quite a while. In the past I've tried some of the skincare products and eye shadows and I wasn't a big fan of them for the price. I have, however always loved the lipsticks and perfumes.
 I was lucky enough to be gifted with Chanel products seen as my initials have changed... Yay!!!!! Hopefully this will happen for every birthday and Christmas....??
For my wedding day Andy bought me Coco Mademoiselle Chanel. I've mentioned it in one of my videos you can view here. LOVE it! Perfect wedding perfume, great for day and night. I did need to re spray during the day but that didn't really bother me.

I love the bottle. Its so much nicer than the white top one. More expensive but worth it in my opinion.
For my 30th and Christmas I was luckily enough to get a couple of the Rough Coco Shine lipsticks and one of the lip glosses.

From left to right:

 I find the Rouge Coco Shine Lipsticks hydrating and they just glide on. They have a shimmer to them too which I like. I'm all for hydrating lipsticks, I don't really like the feel of matt lipsticks. I find them hard to apply and cling to any dry bits on my lips.
One negative for the Rouge Coco Shines would be that they don't last very long and I'm reapplying during the day.
I'm a big fan of lip glosses and the Daydream doesn't disappoint. It's just as sparkly on the lips as it is to look at the product. Again I do need to reapply during the day but I think you probably get that with most lip glosses.  
Can anyone recommend any good hydrating lipsticks?
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