Tuesday, 4 February 2014

DIY Gel Nails Continued....

Following on from my last blog post about gel nails I've now tried some of the Harmony Gelish products too! I was so excited when they arrived. I'm a bit obsessed with experimenting with my nails now!
I purchased a Gelish Harmony Starter Kit and a colour on eBay from two different sellers.
The starter kit consists of:
x2 foundation gels
x1 ph bond
x1 top it off gel
x1 cleanser
x1 remover

As I said in my other post I already have a LED light for curing the gel and lint free wipes for cleaning my nails.
Thoughts so far....!!
I'm not a professional as I've said before, so from an amateurs point of view I found the products really easy to apply AND looked exactly the same as when I've had them done professionally. Yay!! I made sure I applied very thin coats and sealed the free edge of my nails so as not to chip.
I used the LED lamp I have already that isn't Gelish and this worked fine for curing the gel.
The negative?...There's only one! I've had them on nearly a week now and the gel on one of my nails has lifted; However I think it's because I got some of the gel on my skin and didn't remove it fully before curing, so be careful to do that. To be honest though this didn't bother me too much because, as I have the products at home already I can just reapply. Its so frustrating when it happens and you have to go back to a salon!!
The colour is called Shake It Til You Samba.
LOVE that name!
As you can see from the pic the colour is so very bright...I think I'm officially ready for Summer now?!
You can watch a video on my channel here about my thoughts on both Sensationail and Harmony Gelish so far....
I obviously haven't needed to remove them yet but when I do I'll blog to let you know how it goes and if they're easy to remove!!
Thanks for reading!
Comments welcome.
BNTBlogger x x


  1. That is a stunning colour, you certainly are ready for summer, if it ever arrives....! My friend uses Gelish in her business, and the one's you have done are brilliant, I wish I could apply nail varnish without it going everywhere :)

    Paula at Beauty Lover xx

  2. Thanks hun :) I've been practising a lot! Hopefully summer will come one day lol x x

  3. I really love the colour. I've been thinking of learning how do my own nails by getting a nail starter kit. I'd love to learn how to do gel, shellac and minx nails- although the minx nails may just be wishful thinking...haha.
    I'm following you on Bloglovin' :) Check out my blog, if you like what you see, feel free to follow me too :)
    Lou xx

    1. Hey hun. I think its worth doing definitely and its fun practising. At first I found it difficult to do my right hand but I'm getting there now! I've never tried doing minx before though. I'll check out your blog. x x


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