Monday, 27 January 2014

St Tropez Starter Kit

I'm definitely not new to the fake tanning scene but I have, however, in the past been abit lazy when it comes to the professional tanning routine i.e. polish, moisturise, tan and maintain; To the point where I've used sunbeds :/ to keep a tan from holidays rather than follow a tanning routine. Naughty I know!

After all the lectures from missbudgetbeauty and another from a tanning professional about sunbeds I figured I should really totally cut out the beds and stick to the fake! 

I've been put off by fake tanning in the past due to the stickiness that some products can leave you feeling after, along with the time it takes to dry AND the maintenance. However I have decided to persevere and I'm going to try out different tanning products letting you know my thoughts!

So over the Christmas period I tried out the St Tropez Self Tan Starter Kit. The cheapest I've seen it for is on for £11.91 free delivery. If your starting out and your not sure of the products you will need to fake tan effectively its definitely a good place to start.
The box contains a polish, moisturiser, tanning mousse and mitt for applying. The polish and moisturiser should be applied 24 hours before the mousse. I've been rubbish for using polishes in the past, just wanting to get on with the tanning; However I think that in order for it to fade evenly a proper tanning routine needs to be followed. My tan faded evenly using all 3 products together.
So my thoughts!!!!....

The mousse dries REALLY quickly which is a big plus for me. I'm so impatient and I was able to dress quickly.
It doesn't have a strong smell so it shouldn't bother people close by lol.
The volume of product is sufficient in my opinion to use over a month if you tan twice a week. I've been told this should be enough per week to maintain.
It didn't look patchy and it faded evenly.
I didn't like the feel of the polish on my skin. I know the idea is to get rid of any dead skin cells however and I haven't tried other polishes so I can't really compare at the moment.
That is my only con at this point in time. Obviously when trying out other products I can make some comparisons, but in the main this tanning mousse gave me an even tan over the Christmas period and didn't make me smell like a biscuit!!
Has anyone else tried this? Can anyone recommend a good polish?
Thanks for reading!

Recommendations welcome as always.
BNTBlogger x x 


  1. Hi just like to say I love your blog and if you'd like to join in and do the Share The Love Tag I've nominated your blog

  2. Hello! Thank you! Really nice of you. I'll definitely have a look at that x

  3. I've never even ventured near fake tan, I'm too scared of streaking!
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