Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Fab Cleanser For Dry Skin

I'm loving this melting cleansing balm. I have dry skin and find that a lot of cleansers, even specifically for dry skin leave my skin feeling tight after I use them. I hadn't heard of melting balms until but thought I would give this one a try from MERUMAYA.


Its applied to dry skin, massaged in, and has a little heat to it hence the 'melting' feel. A little water is then added making it milky in texture. Then it can be removed with a warm face cloth.
It smells gorgeous! Like having a facial if that makes sense! And after using it for a week my skin feels softer, I don't have any dry patches and I don't have the tight feeling after cleansing.
I think its something I will use every other day so my skin doesn't start to get oily.
Any recommendations or thoughts on melting balms feel free to leave comments below.
BNTB x x 

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