Thursday, 10 April 2014

Half wig? Worth a try!

On Saturday night I went out for lauralovesbeautys birthday and had a fab night. I couldn't decide how to have my hair and with having work all day and going out straight after I wanted something relatively easy. I've heard about half wigs but wasn't sure how they worked and if they looked, well, fake for want of a better word! However I complimented someones hair only to discover it was a half wig. It looked so natural! So I decided to give one a try.....

 With this you keep a small section of your hair forward then using the comb inside the wig, grip into the hair. You can then blend the front section of your hair in with the wig by using grips.  

I was really impressed with this and the colour matched my hair pretty well. It took literally minutes to put in and I then just needed to curl bits of my hair that you could see. Took all of about ten minutes and because the wig isn't real the curls stayed in all day. I had the wig on for about 12 hours in total!

So overall impressed with the half wig look. I'm going to see if I can wear it leaving a side fringe in as I definitely prefer some hair being forward!

Worth a try without a doubt and there is a cord to tighten the wig around your head which also means you can wear it as a ponytail.

This particular wig cost £14.99 and I purchased from Julia Knows Beauty. From what I gather this is a chain so there are other stores as well as the one in Doncaster.
Anyone else seen any good half wigs drop me a line ;)
BNTBlogger x 


  1. I think your half wig looks very realistic. I'm considering getting an ombre (brown/dark blonde tips) one made in winter.
    Please check out my blog :) xx

    1. Thanks! Ohhh I bet that'd look nice. I really like ombre x x


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