Thursday, 24 April 2014

Ordering different sizes online and miraculously fitting?! Topshop mini haul

I recently discovered that there was a sale on in topshop and thought I would have a browse online. I'm came across the gorgeous jumpers they were selling around Christmas time..the knitwear ones...and they were in the sale! What was incredibly annoying though is each time I clicked on one they only had two sizes left, both not my size of course....that or I would add to my basket, then go back to said basket and it had been sold!! I think I may have unwittingly looked on the first day of sale and didn't realise that I needed to act fast! I luckily managed to purchase 3 items..all in different sizes and miraculously they all fit. Yay!
Sometimes I think that you can guess on the size just by looking at the material/style of the item. Not only that but its been on trend for quite a while to wear tops a little baggy. Luckily I love that!   

Fluoro Ribbed Vest    £3.00

Drape Sleeveless Top  £5.00
Knitted Fluffy Jumper   £15.00
I'm not really impressed with their website however. When looking on my mobile every time I clicked on an item to view after going back to carry on looking it took me to the top of the page so I had to scroll back down again..which was in some cases 50 + items. Annoying especially when I needed to buy fast ha! 
Any good sales ANYWHERE lol let me know!

Check out my haul below........


  1. I find it quite funny that you ordered your clothes in different sizes and they managed to fit you. When I order my clothes via online shopping sites, I have to be lucky if any fit. It can be such a pain at times. I'm now following you on GFC. Please check out my blog and if you like what you see, follow me back xx

  2. Its normally the case for me too. Couldn't believe it ha ha. x x x


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