Tuesday, 1 April 2014

3D Nail Art

I'm really enjoying the trials and tribulations of DIY gel nails..yes it's a very serious affair lol. I'm now trying my hand..oh dear with another 3D nail art. My professional friend has kindly suggested how to apply them and I'm so very excited about creating different looks. In the past I've tried using nail glue but they came off so quickly so, as suggested, I am now using acrylic and its been fab! I've had no problems with them coming off before I've soaked off the gel so far.

Eeeeeekk loving the Tiffany and Co. look. The bows are a little big so I've ordered smaller ones since. However I haven't had any problems with them and if you're going for dramatic they're fab.



I couldn't decide which to try so thought I would go for a good mixture. These were all on eBay...there are so many to choose from!! I have some Chanel ones on the way too. Cannot wait to try the little chocolate bar ones and the lollipops!!
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