Sunday, 29 December 2013

Yay!! I got a laptop for Christmas...well I say Christmas....I was going to get surprises but I suddenly decided at the beginning of December that in order to blog properly I really needed a laptop. Don't get me wrong, I love my Ipad but you cannot beat a proper keypad and "desktop" facilities to type excessively lol.
So within an hour we were in PC World trying to decide on one that would be within budget...we decided to spend £200 on each other. At first I was thinking a 10inch note book type would be ideal and in budget... but when looking at them I figured they were too close to the Ipad and it may be a little pointless.
I'm not very good with budgets lol...I always manage to justify to myself why they should be increased and in this case the ones I liked were more than £200. Typical! The one I decided on is called Asus X551CA-SX29H 15.6" Laptop and has a Windows 8 operating system. To be honest I've not really got my head round the Windows 8 system...I'm really using it, in the main, for the desktop element.
The laptop costs £280 in PC World and was actually recommended over a £300 one...I wasn't given any specifics as to why but when I discovered they had sold out of mine and I was then trying to decide whether to get the more expensive one...."justifying budget increase in my head" I was told to hold out for the ASUS due to it being a better model.
I then, not being able to wait for anything ever lol went next door to Currys and got one from there!! Sorted!! 
Again, justifying more spending, I decided that I needed a laptop case ASAP because how could I possibly spend money on something and not keep it all pristine and looked after. The one I've gone for is a zip case and I thought it would be apt to get one with my birth year on it. Ya know..why not! Its from EBay for £4.25 Just something quite simple to keep it in around the house as I'm not planning on using it when with that let the blogging begin!!!!
BNTB x x

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