Wednesday 17 June 2020

We are self building!

I haven't posted on here in a loonnnnggggg time! I have no excuse really, but I have however been busy on my other blog sharing exciting progress posts and design ideas as we are building our own home! What do you think to the name selfbuildreamers We are also on Instagram self_build_dreamers 

So if you like a home account and a bit of construction head over! 

Happy Blogging 


Wednesday 21 May 2014


I have been considering this move for a while, in truth I kind of wish I'd started out this way but I didn't want to invest money in my blog until I knew I was going to keep it up. Today I migrated all of my posts over to my new WordPress site where I hope you will follow me via blog loving - link

I'd appreciate any feedback you have on the layout and how user-friendly you find it to be from a readers perspective, it's a work in progress but I'm really happy with the first draft.


Monday 19 May 2014

Take it from an eye liner virgin... they're Real push-up liner benefit!

I've always struggled with anything eye liner related hence the title. I've maybe tried a liquid liner once in the past and I just couldn't get a natural looking line that worked with my eye shape; My upper lid ends slightly lower than, well, my lower lid so I find it difficult to get the flick at the outer edge. Obviously there isn't anything I can do about the shape of my eyes! But, in general, I've found liners difficult to use so, simply, I don't use them. Coupled with the fact that when I've tried I just couldn't do it without it looking wobbly and OTT. So when I heard about this new push-up liner from benefit you can understand why I might be a little sceptical....

The they're Real! Family consists of a mascara, push-up liner and a remover

The benefit sisters have been working on this product for five years, trying to create a liner easy to use for any age.

Whilst at the benefit launch..still feeling sceptical I tried out their newest addition to the they're Real family and wow I was impressed!! fact I think I've been converted.  

The main one being a liner virgin....It's easy to use
It has a AccuFlex tip making it easy to get to the lashline.
The matte black gel formula is waterproof and it doesn't smudge or dry out.
I was able to use it, well, like a felt tip pen, but also achieve a flick without it looking ridiculous!
 I could use it on the lower lid to finish the look.
Two clicks are enough for both eyes
It stayed on allllll day without so much as a wobble!
The remover takes the liner and mascara off with ease

 After trying this product at home I haven't changed my opinion. I've tried it with and without eye shadow and I love the looks you can achieve with it. Might I add that I NEVER normally go without eye shadow. Yes I'm sure there are other fab liners out there but for this liner virgin the benefit push-up liner is a winner! eye shadow ;)
When does it launch? Worldwide on the 27th June at benefitcosmetics
Blog post to follow on the they're Real mascara!
BNTBlogger x

Thursday 15 May 2014

Nail Stickers...Meh

I've never really paid as much attention to my toes as I do my finger nails, but I figured with summer approaching my toe nails are going to be on show a whole lot more so I thought I would try out some nail stickers. I have had minx done before in a salon and was impressed. They stayed on for a couple of months; Minx is basically heating stickers onto your nails.

It can cost around £15 to have minx nails done in a salon. Now as you may know I like to try my hand at DIY if I can achieve the same myself for less. Nail stickers are supposed to work along the same lines so if you find it enjoyable than try it yourself definitely.
These rebel nails start at around £6.00
Clean your nails with nail polish remover, dry them, and then apply the design of your choice.

Select your size either by using the template or the nail, peel, buff and apply.
Finally smooth over the nail and file off the excess.

Heat the nail and peel off the nail wrap covering peeling from one side to the other.

I didn't find them so easy to was difficult making sure there weren't any creases
The template sticker sizes, in the main, didn't fit to my toe nail sizes. The biggest ones weren't big enough for my big toes...I guess I have abnormally large toes!! Still wearable though as it was just one of the edges, however, I would rather my whole toe be covered!
They lasted a few days before they started to scuff so I would recommend wearing them for a special occasion perhaps rather than anything long term. HOWEVER I have been wearing shoes and socks so in the Summer if you're wearing sandals I would've thought they'd last longer
Would I use them again?
No simply because my toes don't fit the template criteria lol but definitely worth a try if yours are smaller. Good for a special occasion but I think I'll pay £15 next time and have someone do my toes and have them last longer!
Anyone like these? Are the finger ones any good?
BNTBlogger x

Saturday 10 May 2014

Brunette to Blonde Phase 1......

As you may already know I suddenly decided recently that I'd like to try being blonde. The majority of my hair is grey now and I'm having to dye it every 6-8 weeks due to the grey being so obvious as soon as there is any growth. Little did I realise that red is the worst colour to dye your hair when it is going grey! I've been against going blonde in the past mainly because of the maintenance but now I'm pretty much grey going lighter should make the grey less obvious when I have regrowth and I should just be able to have my roots done every 8 weeks. Not only that but I'm keen to see how dark blonde with highlights will look on me!
So here is phase 1 of my transformation!.........
Step 1 Consultation
Firstly I have a consultation with my colour specialist. She explains to me that I won't get the look I'm aiming for straight away because it will damage my hair if everything is done in one visit. The silly impatient part of me thought there may be a "glimmer" of a chance that I could achieve it in one go but there you go..silly and impatient. She reassures me she won't let me leave with orange hair phew! but it will be closer to a warm brown with caramel highlights.
Step 2 Stripping the hair
My hair is stripped to remove the unnatural colours from my hair.  Something I found out, might I add, is that the boxed dyes I've been using are harder to strip from your hair because they contain more chemicals than salon professional colours and are really damaging. I think from now on I will always visit a salon for any colour changes.
Time span of stripping the hair will depend really on your hair. In my case it took about an hour and she needed to put six lots on..whatever that means! 
The above shows the colour of my hair after stripping.
Step 3 Highlights
Highlights are put throughout my hair using foils and I'm left to read some mags and have my second Costa kindly bought for me by Khila who is more excited than me to see the end result!

Step 4 Full head colour
Whilst the foils are in a colour is put on the rest of my hair and then left to develop.
Step 5 Toner
When the foils are removed a toner is then used to help "tone" down any "yellowy" areas of the highlights.
Step 6 Cut and Style
The whole process took about 3 hours which I was pleasantly surprised by. I really thought it would take longer. Super impressed.
Salon Recommendations
I'm told to use conditioning shampoos and a hair mask weekly to keep my hair healthy and prevent damage from the highlights, especially as I'm going to have my hair coloured/highlighted on a regular basis.
Thoughts so far......

I actually love this "interim" phase. The colour's warm and doesn't look unnatural and if I don't like being blonde in the next phase, I'll definitely go back to it being like this rather than to dark again. As it stands I don't have any regrets and my hair feels great. Doesn't feel at all damaged. Not only that I think it has warmed my face up if that makes sense and doesn't look unnatural with my dark brows. Overall so far I'm very impressed!

Stay tuned for the next phase in my #brunettetoblonde escapades. Potentially 7 weeks time..if I can wait that long! Has anyone else had good/bad experiences of dramatic colour change?
BNTBlogger x

Tuesday 6 May 2014

Chanel notd....

I think these are my favourite so far. I LOVE pink and black together and obviously along with the Chanel nail art makes for a good look. Again I've used Gelish Nexu along with Gelish Harmony Foundation (base coat) and Gelish Harmony Top It Off (top coat). I am going to try Nexu base and top coat and I'll let you know if it's as good...being a cheaper product fingers crossed it is!
Check out my video below on how I applied.
BNTBlogger x

Just another excuse to spend money on eBay......

As usual, when one product will do the job I have to order two because, well, why not when you're a shopaholic. My thoughts are that it's all about the alternating between the two phone cases....if I'm in a bling mood..whatever that is...I'll go for the bling case and if I'm in a cool mood...again no idea...I have the, well, the cooler case right?! I seriously believe my own hype. Roughly translated I couldn't decide which of the many on eBay to buy so I figured I'd go for here they are....

"Bling" case from said eBay Price: £3.99
It pretty much does what it says on the tin....glitzy and over the top and I have to say I LOVE it! The downside being that it might damage easily if it's not looked after seen as it doesn't have any sort of protection on the glitz; However if you're like me and a little obsessed with keeping things "nice" then you'll be just fine.

"Cool" case eBay Price: £3.99
I stumbled across this looking for other phone cases. I knew about the jumpers etc with this on but didn't know you could get other accessories. There's also mugs on eBay. The font reminds me of the Pretty Woman credits at the beginning of the know what I mean?!
Check them out on my video below.
Until the next time.....follow and subscribe fellow humans ;)
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